Support Ukraine in the fight against the russian occupiers


We are a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of helping Ukrainian citizens in Czech Republic and in Ukraine and also for the purpose of helping Ukraine as a sovereign state.

Our team

We have done so far:

We organized the collection,  purchasing and transfer of humanitarian help to Bucha, Irpin and Kharkiv.
We are always in touch with particular brigades, troops or squads and well alignmed on what is exactly of the most help at a given time. For example, first aid kits, bullet proof vests, thermal vision systems, drones, helmets are usually the first items on the lists.
We also purchased and transferred to Ukrainian defenders personal cars which are going to be used in supply logistics close to the front line.
We deliver accessories for Ukrainian defenders in a regular basis.



How we

Providing social counseling;
Provision of material and non-material help in places of war and armed conflict;
Pedagogic and educational activities of an extracurricular nature.
Practical assistance to those who have found themselves in an adverse health or social situation; direct and indirect form of assistance in the execution of their legitimate interests, primarily through financial or material help.
Facilitating in acquiring the necessary skills for persons in an adverse health or social situation via organization of trainings and workshops.
Organization of cultural, sports and other social events, which aim to support the development of civic belonging and the integration of foreigners.
Cooperation with state and local self-government authorities, local non-profit organizations and other entities.

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